Why Should One Visit Nigambodh Ghat?

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Nigambodh Ghat is one of the ancient-most cremation grounds in old Delhi. It enjoys a prime location in the heart of the city that anyone can access easily.

Delhiā€™s Nigambodh Ghat has several anecdotes within its folds. One of the ancient-most cremation Ghats in Delhi, Nigambodh Cremation ground traces back its legendary identity to the epic ages. According to general beliefs, Yudhisthira, the king of Indraprastha, and the eldest Pandav built this place.

Due to its involvement with the legendary chronicles that our country reveres the most, this Ghat has become one of the most visited destinations in Delhi for Delhites and others. Let us explore some reasons why people have always taken interest in visiting this Ghat beyond cremations.


Nigambodh Ghat is located by the banks of the river Yamuna. Even though the river is a little polluted these days, the view of the setting sun on it still mesmerizes many. Rivers have always been a source of agility, zest, peace, and beauty for people. Many visit the Ghat to take respite from their long, tiring city schedules.

Photographers flock to this place to catch the breathtaking vistas that the river Yamuna and the dusk sky create together. The floating boats, the burning pyres, the stepped piers, and the migratory birds during winter engender stories and moments the photographers look for. Therefore, Nigambodh Ghat can be an excellent destination for any photographer at any time.


Peace and serenity are what every city dweller looks for at the end of the day. Nigambodh Ghat is one of the places in Delhi to offer absolute tranquillity all the time. Cremation grounds generally offer a peaceful environment.

With the river Yamuna flowing alongside its bank, Nigambodh Ghat multiplies the extent of tranquillity several times. If you have lost someone close recently or simply want to be one with yourself, this Ghat, located right behind the historical Red Fort can be your one-stop destination.


Nigambodh Ghat, near the Kashmere gate area, hosts thousands of migratory birds in the winter months. Seagulls fly to this place from the faraway lands of Russia in search of warmth and life. This migration has been a regular and indispensable part of their life cycle since times immemorial.

If you love watching birds flying freely, representing the freedom that lies deep within our souls, Nigambodh Ghat is the place for you. Spend a few hours in the evening by the riverside sitting on the steps of the Ghat, relishing the reflection of the dusk sky on the river, and listening to the chirping birds to rejuvenate your soul.


The Nili Chatri temple, situated on the banks of Nigambodh Ghat attracts hundreds of visitors every year. People from Delhi and other parts of India visit this temple quite regularly. According to legends, Yudhisthira built this temple during his reign.

You will also find some remnants of fine Medieval and British period architecture around this area. As the chronicles depicted in the Purana say, Brahma, the dive deity, once bathed at this Ghat to regain his memory and the Holy Scripture.

An ideal place for evoking spiritual energy in you, this Ghat is perfect for people from all walks of life. Search for the Nigambodh Ghat location and spend some time here.

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