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Losing a loved one can take a toll on your emotional state. It can be quite hampering, and soon after the death, you will not be in the right headspace. However, you have to pull through all of that and pay attention to what you have to organise.

Starting from letting everyone know about the disheartening incident makes sure the whole cremation and memorial service go smoothly. You have to be responsible for both your family as well as yourself. During a time like this, you should not miss out on anything that helps you calm things down.

While there are many ways to do that, the best is to hold a prayer for loss. Preferably a day after the death, having a prayer meeting where all friends, loved ones, and your family come together in a hall, letting the deceased know about how they felt and offering their condolences to the family.

In addition to prayers, you might also find religious scripts being read at a prayer service for the death anniversary, along with devotional songs being played. While such prayer meets are usually offline and the people have to be physically present, due to the current situation of the world, with the pandemic, it is best if you indulge in an online prayer meet.

There are a number of prayer meeting services in Delhi that provide the same and are quite well-known for it. Having said that, choosing the best one out of the lot can be quite a tough task. If you are planning to hold a prayer for your loved one but are still not sure how to go about the same, this blog is an ideal read. Here you will learn the two main ways you can plan a prayer meeting and which you should choose.

Online Prayer Meet:

As mentioned earlier, this is a rather new way of ensuring that your prayer meeting is safe. Mainly due to the COVID-19 policies being reinstated in every city, you cannot plan a gathering or event as such. You will have to wear your masks and maintain a safe distance.

This makes only prayer meets one of the best ways to remember the deceased. Not only does it follow COVID protocols, but it is quite convenient as well. However, you might have to ensure that there is a stable internet connection amongst everyone on the call and that the invitees are rather tech-savvy.

Offline Prayer Meet:

These are the more common prayer meets in which the family of the deceased comes along with a few of their close friends to pay their tributes.

Although conventional, this way provides you with a lot more flexibility and allows you to really take the event to the next level. Along with group activities like singing and reading, meeting everyone else will help make your mood a lot better.

That being said, with the right prayer meeting services, it can be quite soothing and relaxing to finally let out the grief inside.

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