Things That You Must Consider before Cremation or Funeral Decision

The way you say goodbye to your loved ones by performing the last rites, the way you respect their bequest, and offer your last salute through burial or cremation process is meant to be Cremation or Funeral memorial services.

How to Plan a Cremation Service

  1. Must Checkout available cremation options. Learn more by navigating the other useful links below:

Our Cremation Services

End Of Life Planning

  1. Involve other family members in the discussion. It’s very wise to involve the other family members in the conversation of performing the last rites for your loved one to get a clearer idea of how other family members feel about cremation or funeral and what are their valuable inputs.  Eventually, the cremation and funeral performed with the unanimous decision shall allow a better division of activities among the family members to take the services hassle free and spend more time with family members in such tough times.
  1. Talk to professional cremation or funeral services providers. By doing so, you are likely to make sure that you don’t miss any important point before you start the cremation or funeral and thereto eliminate all the hassles that may be faced at the time of cremation or funeral ceremony or post cremation processes. For all your concerns and questions, you may please get in touch with us for the solicited insights you would want to be addressed at this point.
  1. Take Hold of all Document for cremation or Funeral. At the time of availing the funeral or cremation service you may require few important documents to be readily available (in original and others as duplicate copies) with you at the time of performing the cremation/funeral ceremony at cremation ground or funeral home, to learn more please turn to us for any further guidance on the same.
  2. Transportation must be arranged for physical remains. To facilitate the cremation process ahead you might require transporting the deceased:a> From Hospital to Homeb> From one city to anotherc> From one country to anotherd> From Home to Hospital

    e> From Home to directly cremation ground

    1st thing that you need is the vehicle or transportation facility for the deceased, we can help you escort them with dignity as per your requirement. Please also visit following important links for your read referral on our website:

    Hearse Van / Mortuary Van / Ambulance for Body

    Embalming Service

    Body Transport by Air


    1. Plan the ceremony and rituals you would like to perform. You can plan for a traditional completely full-fledged cremation or funeral followed by post cremation memorial service like – Choutha / Prayer Meeting, Asthi Visarjan / Scattering of Ashes etc. or a short last rite with your faith and belief to suit your requirements.
    2. Engage your family and friends. When planning for profound event, you must encourage and involve everyone to participate in decision making and giving their inputs. You may encourage them and talk to them about the best location for the event, talk to some to jot down the stories they’d like to share, gather family photos, create short videos, plan for zoom live display of the cremation ceremony, if you would like a eulogy, this is the time to assign tasks to some special ones.
    3. Choose for rituals, ceremonies, prayers, or other readings. You might not have any of these things ready, but it is vital to decide exactly what you and your guests will do at these events or ceremonies. The possibilities are endless.


    1. Keep the guests informed well ahead of time. Mostly people have to travel from long distances or request time off from work, therefore it is always good to keep everyone informed well in advance.
    2. Plan what you want to do with cremated remains. Usually the urn is a visual focus of any post cremation or funeral ceremony. Would you want to take it home? Will the cremated remains be buried, or will the Scattering of Ashes / Asthi Visarjan shall be a part of the process? You might as well plan to purchase keepsake urns or jewelry for family members or plant a tree in the name of deceased or help the needy through donations as per your wish.

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