The Most Sacred Places for Performing Cremation in Delhi NCR

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Performing the last rite of a deceased person is essential for the peace and happiness of the soul. You need to find the sacred cremation places for completing your duties with devotion.

Saying goodbye forever to a beloved person is the most challenging thing in everyone’s life. However, such moments come a few times, as humans are mortal. No living thing lasts on this globe forever, and thus people have to bid the last farewell to their beloved ones with tears in their eyes. Though the moment is emotional, you should ensure that your beloved person’s last journey becomes dignified.

The most important thing is finding a decent place to bid graceful goodbye to your beloved one. According to Hindu rituals, relatives bring the deceased person’s body to the cremation ground. For example, people bring the dead bodies of their relatives to the Lodhi cremation ground. There are many places where you can bid farewell to your relative performing Hindu rituals.

Antim Niwas

Antim Niwas is a well-known crematory ground in Delhi NCR, among many other decent crematoriums for Hindus. The place offers both traditional wooden pyres and electrical cremation services. Families of the deceased prefer the place for its convenient location and accessibility. The crematory ground has a parking lot for vehicles.

According to Hindu traditions, you will find experience pundits at this place to perform the deceased person’s last rite. For the Antim Sanskar ritual, showing the deceased person’s death certificate is essential.

Lodhi Road Samshan Ghat

Lodhi garden cremation ground is one of the most peaceful and divine places for completing religious rituals to say goodbye to deceased persons. The Shamshan Ghat has both electric and wooden pyre facilities. For completing the rituals according to the Hindu traditions, you need to find a good pundit.

The place is conveniently accessible from everywhere in Delhi NCR. Therefore, the last journey of a person will be seamless and hassle-free. Relatives of the deceased can hire a professional service provider to manage the rituals. The service provider ensures that rituals properly show respect and dignity to the deceased soul.

Hindon Ghat

Besides the Lodhi road cremation ground, Hindon ghat is also a decent place for performing the last rites of a deceased soul. Situated at Mohan Nagar, this cremation ghat is easily accessible to people in the Ghaziabad region. The place has electric and wooden pyres to complete the dead bodies’ funerals. Relatives and friends of the deceased person can book the creation slots online.


As the name suggests, the place gives moksha to the deceased soul. Moksh means reaching closer to God and attaining divine peace. Located in Sector 32 Gurgaon, the place is easily accessible to the people in Gurgaon. According to the Hindu religious scriptures, the place offers all the facilities required for completing funeral customs.

You can easily find the Lodhi road cremation ground address on Google Maps. Reaching the crematorium grounds mentioned above is not a difficult thing. But, you need to find a professional service provider for performing all the customs systematically. A service provider arranges pundits, essential items for puja, attires for deceased family members, and many more. Noble Sparrows is the place where you can find such professional services.

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