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Funeral Pre-Planning

The decision to cremate is every person depending on various factors like faith, tradition, personal beliefs, and more. If you have decided on cremation, the next big step is choosing the cremation ground.

It is always best to choose the cremation ground that provides you with the before, during, and after cremation services. Before the start of the cremation, the ground authorities must allow the family members and the close ones to say goodbye, perform the last rites, and conduct the necessary cremation services. The ground allows the dead body to be cremated individually in the most sacred manner. And after the cremation is over, the authorities return the remains of the dead in the most dignified and religious manner.

Why Opt For Cremation Ground for the Final Deposition of Someone You Love?

There are numerous reasons why more and more people these days are preferring cremation over traditional burials. Some of such reasons are:

1. Lower Cost of Cremation

Cremating a dead body is far less expensive when comparing it with traditional funerals, which involve casketed burial below the ground followed by visitation, wake, and religious rituals. The cost of the casket along with the cemetery, the grave marker, and several other miscellaneous costs like make it a very expensive affair, when you compare it with cremating a body is some of the most prominent creation grounds the Lodhi road cremation ground.

While you consider the cost aspects, you also should understand that cremating a dead body by no means is an alternative or rejecting traditions in any way. But, creating a dead body, is a form of disposing of a dead body only. Some of the very prominent and sacred cremation grounds like Nigam Bodh Ghat, offer wake/visitation and other religious and secular ceremonies in advance if you wish to. This means that the expenses can be less or greater, depending on the type of services and goods you choose.

2. Cremation is Best for the Environment

Cremation is better for the environment. it is just like using an electric car over a gasoline-driven one. Cremation of a dead body in Moksh Dham Gurgaon has always been accepted as better for the environment, as traditional funerals involve the use of chemicals like formaldehyde-based embalming fluids, along with the need for land to bury the coffin or casket. This makes cremation ground near me a safer option to dispose of the dead bodies of the deceased.

Cremating a dead body at Lodhi cremation ground, does not require the use of land, and the cremation remains can be kept in an urn at the home or scattering is at any meaningful place, and even if you have plans of burning the urn or keep it in a columbarium, it still requires much less land as compared to bury a coffin or a casket.

Crematoriums Have More Flexible Service Options

Since a dead human body starts processing immediately after death, resulting in quick decomposition, showing decay, funeral, or cremation should be considered as soon as possible after death.

With a funeral it is usually needed to arrange for the funeral and related services, services mostly take time to occur after the death. There are a lot of factors that impact the timings like religious traditions, family traditions and wishes, and several others.

Whereas with cremation at Green Park cremation ground, the body is cremated, and you do not have any urgency to do anything with the cremated remains in the ashes. It is a common ritual for families to hold a private session with the deceased through his ashes through a memorial afterwards in weeks or months later. This allows the loved ones of the dead to focus on the urgency of the grief without having to deal with a load of myriad details of the funeral and other committal services.

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