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Funeral Pre-Planning

The pandemic has forced almost everything to switch online, including mourning rituals. Mourning families these days have to lay their loved ones to rest through Zoom, as people these days are unable to convene in person because of the restrictions.

At funeral homes, the staff is maintaining social distancing laws for those who cannot in person for the funeral prayers through Zoom. The app is being used extensively for unprecedented reasons, including funerals and funeral prayers for those who have lost their loved ones during these difficult times. We all understand that it is not usual to grieve this way, but looking at the present situation, virtual attendees must treat it entirely like a real ritual.

Prayer Meeting Services

The blessings of all the loved ones in the family and friends, along with prayers allow us to understand the true meaning of life and let us rise above our grief and emotions. Prayers help us accept the true fact of life, that our bodies are transitory, but it is our soul, that lives forever. This understanding helps us heal and overcome the grief and sorrow of losing someone close to us.

As you all know, the ongoing pandemic has taken its toll all over our lives, including the way we can pay homage to our lost ones. To facilitate the situation and make it possible for us to remember who we have lost, a virtual prayer meeting service is there.

Such kind of prayer meetings are organized online, which are real-time prayer meetings, demonstrated from a particular location, and allow all relatives, friends, well-wishers, and family members to come together online and pray for the lost one. The rituals and the proceedings of such services are conducted online in such a manner, that it brings in true spiritual feelings, and aids the soul to attain enlightenment, allowing everyone attending the prayer to heal and come out of the grief.

In a similar manner, Zoom Meetings for Chautha/Tervi are conducted, where the family members of the bereaved can come together to pray, and pay condolences to the grieving family. Such prayers allow the family members to stay calm and composed in times of chaos. By praying together for the lost soul, the family of the bereaved feels your support and does not find themselves alone mourning.

Embalming Services

Practised since ancient times, embalming services are a way of preserving the bodies of the dead from getting decomposed. Chemicals and other solutions are injected into the body of the dead to preserve the body for a long. Such procedures are done to enable the body to last long for religious ceremonies before the funeral. It provides a chance for the family members to spend more time with their loved ones after their death and big goodbye for one last time. Also, embalming services in Delhi are a must, in cases when the dead body is needed to be transported.

Embalming services near me provide the following:
The embalming process begins with preparing the dead body first, disinfecting it, massaging the limbs to free them of stiffness, and then performing facial features and arterial or cavity embalming. The whole process is done via:

  • Professional embalmers who are certified to do it.
  • Preparing the dead body for the process.
  • Set up of facial features.
  • The cavity or Arterial embalming, and
  • Doing cosmetic preparations of the hair, makeup, and clothes.

It takes a lot of care and compassion to perform dead body embalming. The main reason behind the services is to allow the family and loved ones of the deceased to mourn in peace and enjoy a fulfilling experience, assuring of all other worries and responsibilities.

The cost of embalming services varies, depending upon other related services like viewing and burial, basic services fees, transporting the body to the place of the last rites, casketing embalming, and other preparations. The whole process if undertaken could cost anything from INR 40, 000 to INR 50,000.

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