What to Know About Open Air Cremation?

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There are a number of unique ways to honouring a person who has passed away and support their family and friends. For a lot of people, a funeral service is an important event that takes place at a house of worship or a funeral house.

Even so, substitutions to traditional burial methods are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The celebration of life, like memorial services with hopeful and joyful tones that emphasise the positivity the person left behind in the world rather than the loss. Here mentioned are some things that you should know about open-air cremation services.

What Do You Have To Know About Open Air Cremation?

It is not rare to conduct an open-air cremation here in India. It is noticeably less expensive when compared to the traditional burial method. This is one of the primary reasons why this method of cremation has gained such a lot of importance in a Shamshan Ghat in the last few years.

This method of cremation is not essentially less expensive compared to the traditional methods of cremation. Even so, it is just another prospect to follow through the process of the end of life in an affirming and personalised way at a lower cost.


Ecological methods of cremation are becoming more common in today’s time. This gives people more opportunities when it comes to providing environment-friendly memorials for the people who have passed.

As cremation is, as always, an imperfect way of disposition, it has a noticeably decreased effect on the environment when compared to methods like burial. A cremation ground is very useful, and it is also eco-friendly in these cases.

Helps Connect People

Funeral pyres help bring communities together. Open-air cremation and funeral pyres are used to celebrate and tribute honour your beloved citizens and heroes. These are not only used as a chance to say farewell to loved ones. They also help the community members to come together in solidarity, remembrance, and support.

What Are Some Alternative Methods To Open Air Cremation?

On the off chance that you do not want to conduct an open-air cremation or the deceased wishes differently, there are quite a few alternatives you can choose from.

Traditional Cremation

This is a rather well-practised process in most cremation grounds in Delhi. It uses the same processes, however, with much lesser pollution. In addition to that, you can also avail yourself of personalised methods of memorial and disposition.

Natural Burials

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to traditional cremations is the waste produced, which is harmful to the environment. If you want to avoid that, you can always choose a natural burial. This method is biodegradable and has little to no impact on the soil.

Now that you know the details of an open-air cremation, it is essential that you choose a suitable cremation ground in Gurgaon. Checking online articles can help you make better decisions.

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