Obituaries for Fathers, Grandpas & Step-Dads – 6 Sample

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The most well-known approach used to declare a death is an obituary. Generally, obituaries were published in news journals, but now they are also published online on memorial sites.

News dailies may publish an obituary for a famed person or a local person of prominence. But generally, it is the responsibility of the deceased’s family to give an obituary. When you write an obituary, make sure to include the following details:

  • Name of the deceased’s (it should be full name – including middle name or initial, maiden name, and nickname)
  • Mention the Date of Birth and the date of demise
    Include the Place of Death and that of Birth too
  • The cause of death (this is optional as per your choice)
    Names of parents, spouses/partners, children and siblings
  • You shall also consider including other notable details, like education, accolades, and military service.

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1. Sample When a Father Dies Too Young

Late Shri XYZ (FULL NAME) passed away on Tuesday (DAY), October 22, 2019 (DATE), after a brief battle with an aggressive form of brain cancer. He was 37.
Late Shri XYZ was born on May 16, 1982, in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He attended the University of Allahabad. He held a Bachelor of Science in Environment Studies and a minor in Arts.

An enthusiastic traveller, before graduating from college Late Shri XYZ had visited all states of India. He took a gap year after he graduated and backpacked through the Himalayas. He picked up a few new languages and took hundreds of photographs.
Late Shri XYZ's love of spirituality soon brought him back to Uttar Pradesh. He began working at the BHU University in Banaras. In 1980 XYZ married Mrs. (NAME OF WIFE), his high school sweetheart. The following year they welcomed a daughter/son (NAME OF DAUGHTER/SON or CHILDREN). He never stopped planning the adventures they could all have together.

In addition to (NAME OF WIFE) and (NAME OF DAUGHTER/SON), XYZ is survived by his father and mother, (NAMES OF PARENTS), as well as his sister (NAMES OF SIBLINGS).

The funeral service will be at (NAME OF CREMATION GROUND AND ADDRESS OF LOCATION), on Friday (DAY OF CREMATION), October 25, 2019 (DATE OF CREMATION), at 2 pm (TIME OF CREMATION). Visitation before the service will begin at noon. The family will be there to welcome friends and relatives.


2. Sample for a Step-Dad

On Wednesday (DAY OF DEMISE), October 23rd, 2019 (DATE OF DEATH), Late Shri XYZ (FULL NAME OF THE DECEASED) was called home at the age of 47. The world has lost a great son, brother, husband, father, and leader.

He was born in Banaras (now called Varanasi), on April 4th, 1972 (DATE OF BIRTH). He relocated to Delhi as a teenager with his younger brother and mother. He was interested in games and was a skilled hockey player. But his mother insisted that education always be his priority. He was a starting player for the Delhi University hockey team, but his real passion was behind-the-scenes. He held a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology.

If you asked him, his greatest accomplishment wasn’t his hockey legacy or his career. It was being a father. (NAME OF DECEASED) met his wife (NAME OF DECEASED WIFE) through a mutual friend. It was love at first sight. That love raised to include (NAME OF WIFE) young daughter (NAME OF DAUGHTER).

Late Shri XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) is survived by his mother (MOTHER’s NAME), brother (BROTHER’s NAME), wife (NAME OF WIFE), and daughter (NAME OF DAUGHTER). He was preceded in death by his father (NAME OF FATHER). Join XYZ’s (NAME OF DECEASED) family for a homegoing service on Saturday (DAY OF CEREMONY), October 26th, 2019 (DATE) at 11 am (TIME). The service will be held at (ADDRESS OF THE LOCATION FOR LAST RITUALS CEREMONY).

3. Sample for a Loving Grandfather

Late Shri (FULL NAME) of Dwarka, Sector 21, New Delhi passed away on Monday (DAY OF DEMISE), October 14, 2019 (DATE OF DEATH), at the age of 96. After several months of declining health, he died peacefully with his beloved wife (NAME OF WIFE) and their children by his side.

He was born in Mathura (PLACE OF BIRTH) on March 6, 1923 (DATE OF BIRTH), to his father and mother (NAME OF PARENTS). The oldest of three sons, SHRI XYZ (NAME OF DECEASED) didn’t have the opportunity for much formal education. He helped on his family’s small farm and worked any odd jobs he could find starting at an early age. His work ethic and desire to take care of his family led to him enlisting in the Army at age 18. He was stationed in Jammu, JAT Regiment from 1943 -1945.

At the end of the war, (NAME OF THE DECEASED) returned to Dwarka, New Delhi and used his G.I. Bill benefits to buy property next to his immediate siblings. Together with his father, they grew the family business exponentially. This growth helped bring economic prosperity in the family. He invested heavily in the town’s social services. He funded scholarship opportunities for outstanding students. Through these

endeavours, he met local school teacher miss ABC (NAME OF THE WIFE) and they married in 1954.

Late Shri XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) was preceded in death by his parents and by his brothers. He is survived by his wife (NAME OF WIFE); children (NAME OF CHILDREN); grandchildren (NAMES OF GRANDCHILDREN); and great-granddaughter (NAME OF THE GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER).

A visitation for Late Shri XYZ is planned for Saturday (DAY OF CREMATION CEREMONY), October 19, 2019 (DATE), from 1 pm to 3 pm (TIME). The visitation will be at the (ADDRESS OF THE HOME OR LOCATION FOR VISITATION), all are invited to attend. The funeral will follow immediately at 3 pm.

All beloved to Late Shri XYZ, wishing to honour his lifelong commitment to family and community can make donations to the (NAME OF THE FOUNDATION YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO, THE ADDRESS AND ONLINE LINK)

4. Sample When a Father Battled a Long Illness

If you asked several people who XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) was, they’d all give a distinct narrative – A social worker, A Politician, A Leader, A Doctor, A Singer, A Horse Tamer, A Nurse. XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) was nobody of these things, or possibly he was all of them. What he was, was a narrator a storyteller. It didn’t matter if he was trying to distract his brothers and sisters from the game, they were engrossed in. Or trying to entertain his classmate during a boring subject. No matter the occasion, XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) had a story.

Therefore, not surprising that XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) is showcased as the hero of most of his tales. He was born in Bahadurgarh, Haryana (LOCATION OF BIRTH) on January 1st, 1950 (DATE OF BIRTH). He was an early new year present to his unprepared family, as was born just after midnight on the last day of the year 1949. He was born two months premature and later developed debilitating asthma that restricted his ability to play with other kids of his age. As an alternative, he developed a strong inner life. He drew comic books starring kids in his class and sold them. He was able to help his family at that young age with this money.

XYZ (NAME OF DECEASED) turned these abilities into an eminent career as a bestselling kids’ author. He never had kids, but he believed every child who read his stories was part of his family. While hospitalized with complications due to asthma, XYZ had a lot of time to write his obituary. He asks you to remember this last message: keep telling stories. It is through our stories that we can change the world. It is through stories that we can change a pessimist to an optimist. It is our stories that connect us and unite us.

5. Sample for a Father-In-Law

On Saturday (DATE OF DEATH), October 12th, 2019 (DATE OF CEREMONY), at 11 am (TIME OF CEREMONY), the family of Late Shri XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) asks you to join them. The burial will be held at the (ADDRESS OF THE BURIAL GROUND).

XYZ (NAME OF THE DECEASED) was born on July 14, 1949 (DATE OF BIRTH), in Bangalore, Karnataka (BIRTHPLACE). He spent many of his formative years in orphanages as was orphaned at a young age. In his teenage to make a living, he turned to factory work. In his early twenties, he fell in love with (NAME OF WIFE). They got married and welcomed their son (NAME OF SON) to the world in 1974.

Sadly, (NAME OF WIFE) died in an accident while their son was young. XYZ was raised (NAME OF SON) as a single father. He never remarried. Though XYZ grew up in the city, he found solace in nature. His surviving family will return him to the earth through a green burial.

XYZ (NAME OF DECEASED) is survived by his daughter-in-law (NAME); his granddaughters (NAMES); and myriad extended family and fond family members. All held him in the utmost regard and loved him deeply.

6. Sample When a Father Died Unexpectedly

On Wednesday (DAY OF DEMISE), October 9, 2019 (DATE OF DEMISE), the GUPTA (SURNAME OF FAMILY) family lost their hero in a tragic accident. XYZ (FULL NAME OF DECEASED) AKA “SULLY” (NICKNAME) lost his life saving his family from a fire that consumed their home. SULLY (NICKNAME) was able to get his father outside. He succumbed to smoke inhalation when he went back to help his wife with their young children.

Sully was born in Kolkata, on August 6th, 1991 (BIRTH DATE). While attending Mother’s Care High School he became fascinated with the boat-building club. During his period, he turned proficient in the art of wooden boat building. After graduation, he started a custom wooden boat-building business. For vintage boats, he also provided servicing and restoration. And to preserve the tradition of boat making, he taught classes.

Family members will be scattering SULLY’s (NICK NAME OF DECEASED) ashes at Ganga Ghat in a private ceremony. To honour SULLY’s (NICK NAME OF DECEASED) memory they will be sailing into the pious river GANGES across in several of his handcrafted boats. Friends and members of the community are invited to join the GUPTAs family on Saturday (DAY OF CEREMONY), October 19, 2019 (DATE OF CEREMONY), at 5 pm (TIME) for a celebration of life service. Join us at the (ADDRESS OF VENUE FOR GATHERING).

SULLY (NICKNAME OF DECEASED) is survived by his father (NAME OF FATHER); his wife (NAME OF WIFE); and his daughters (NAMES). He is predeceased by his mother (NAME OF MOTHER). His untiring love and dedication to his family were apparent in his final moments.

Obituaries for Father Figures

Each life is a collection of stories. The obituary services that we offer are a final telling of some of those stories. If you want a professionally written obituary or if you find difficulty in writing (on your own) or getting an obituary published in a newspaper, we are here to serve you hassle-free.

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