Nigambodh Ghat: The Oldest and Busiest Burning Ghat in Delhi

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The Nigambodh Cremation Ground is undoubtedly one of the most famous grounds for the funeral of your loved ones. However, if you are new to Delhi, this article further explains a few of the facilities you can enjoy here.

A death in the family of your loved ones can be quite a stressful time. Not only do you have to manage all the crematorium rituals, but also the other family members. However, the task only gets more challenging if you do not know why burning ghat to go to.

There are quite a few options when it comes to cremation grounds, especially in Delhi. However, the biggest and best one in the area is the Nigambodh Ghat.

Located on Ring Road, the Nigambodh cremation ground is one of the busiest cremation grounds, more so after the impact of Covid-19. The place is situated right beside the Yamuna River, and consists of a number of ceremonial and bathing stepped piers that lead to the water.

What Kinds of Facilities Are Included?

It is known to be the oldest crematorium in Delhi and is relatively easy to reach Nigambodh Ghat Kashmere Gate. It allows you to perform Antim Sanskar or the last ritual after death. With over 50 to 60 pyres burning almost every day, the mornings are the busiest here.

Nigambodh Ghat also has an electric crematorium that dates back to the 1950s and another which runs on CNG. The CNG-run crematorium got added later in the year 2006 by the Municipal Corporation, which now manages most of the cremation facilities.

In addition to that, the crematorium also offers AC buses and buggy services for people with transportation issues. As mentioned earlier, this cremation ground is quite busy throughout the day, and you might have to wait for a few hours before your turn comes. Nevertheless, there is a well-furnished waiting room inside the facility and a support centre for any queries

Even though this crematorium has had a rather infamous past, with a few cases of extra charging for cremating bodies and poor maintenance, all of that has changed now. After Delhi’s Municipal Corporation overtook the management and maintenance of the establishment, its reputation has undoubtedly changed for the better.

The crematorium got an overall change and upgrade, which is highly noticeable in the looks and functioning of the cremation ground. Most of the services provided here are free of cost. However, a few scenarios in which you might have to pay are for the wood requirements, transportation, and CNG services. This crematorium is run mainly on donations, and the poor are exempted from all charges.

Along with these few facilities, the Nigam Bodh ghat location is also quite suitable, making it one of the best and most sought-after cremation grounds in Delhi. Quite a few prominent personalities like Sheila Dixit, Delhi’s chief minister, and former vice president Krishan Kant have also been cremated here.

The workers here are pretty well adapted to their tasks, and the functioning of the crematorium is relatively smooth. If you are looking for hassle-free cremation at the best prices, Nigambodh Ghat is the best place for such rituals. You will surely not face any difficulties here.

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