How to Plan An Online Cremation And Funeral Prayer?

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Funeral Pre-Planning

There is no denying that technology has influenced everything around you, even how you celebrate events. This has been truer after the pandemic stopped the world from coming outdoors.

Recently, there has been a new trend when it comes to funeral prayer. With the rise of live streaming platforms and video communication platforms like Zoom, families are now paying their tributes through online platforms.

Whether it is because of travelling issues, economic problems, and other health and weather conditions, or if you somehow cannot accommodate your distant friends, there are a number of people who look for alternatives to conventional physical gatherings. Hosting a virtual gathering has been gaining quite a popularity in recent years.

Is A Virtual Funeral A Good Option?

A virtual funeral can attract different people through different incentives. While some see it as an online collaborative effort where friends and family can come together to remember their loved ones, others find it rather convenient.

All you have to do is log in to the prayer meetings on zoom and start the video stream. The whole stream happens in real-time, and you can broadcast it from or to a venue or just share the video moment with only close family at home.

Much like any other event, memorials will include readings, speeches, and even slideshows. It is a good idea to include a few group activities that everyone can take part in remotely, like telling stories or lighting candles.

Planning an online prayer meeting service can be quite easy if you take the right steps. However, before you start planning one, you need to understand what kind of service you want to put up.

There are mainly two kinds of memorial services you can be a part of. Either one that is pre-recorded and shared later with everyone, or the more common one, where the live event is broadcasted.

The latter is mainly done in scenarios where all the invited guests cannot show up for some reason. In such a situation, the guests who live close by are physically present in the event, while the others join through video calling services like Zoom.

To make your prayer for mourning a success, you have to start by setting up the guest list. This step is very important as this is how you will know who to invite and the link for your call. In addition to that, you will also have to ensure that all the necessary guests have stable internet access.

Another thing you can do for your Chauth ceremony online is to include certain group activities for everyone to take part in. this will make the event more engaging as well.

Rest assured, with how the world is right now, especially during the pandemic, hosting online funeral services is the best idea. It allows you to social distance while also allowing everyone to participate in the event. Keeping the mentioned information in mind will help you plan a rather successful funeral for your loved one.

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