How to Apply for Death Certificate: Your Complete Guide

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Death Certificate is an essential record which is used to confirm someone is no longer living. It is commonly used for closing accounts, claiming benefits and availing returns from any policies etc. However, death certificate rules and by-laws vary from state to state, so there’s a lot to learn if you’re hoping to get one for your lost beloved.

Before we jump to understanding the steps of Application lets fathom the most vital pre-requisites of this whole process:

Situations of Death:

The process of Application changes as per the cause of death, location and situation:

  1. For any natural death at home the steps are mentioned later below.
  2. For any death occurring at Hospital, it is the responsibility of the Hospital authorities to inform the health department authority about the same and provide you with requisite papers and information like death registration number details, death summary, declaration of death etc. Only after this your application will be processed by the health department authority of your state. Doctor or the Hospital must issue and furnish the requisite details.
  3. For any un-natural death (alike – road accident, burnt case, accidental deaths, murders etc.) you must first have to go through the state law procedures of Post-Mortem and must have Local Police NOC before cremation is conducted.

Stages of Application for Death Certificate:

You must make sure at which stage are you applying for the death certificate. These may vary from state to state but in Delhi-NCR these stages are as following:


Thus depending upon the stage at which you are submitting your application will have different protocols, might attract extra fee and separate set of documents required for completing this application.

Steps about application for Death Certificate in DELHI-NCR (Natural Death at Home)

Step 1: Choose your method

One must make a choice of mode before he/she begin the application. You can apply either online or in person you may also alternatively get the help of our professionally managed services for the same (you may call us now +91 9773883555. Any of these modes of application has its pros and cons, which may predominantly affect the process cycle of this application.

Note that some method (depending on the stage of your application – within 21 days of death, within 30 days of death, within 3 months of death or after 3months of death, so on and so forth) might have an additional processing fee too.

Apply Death Certificate Online Delhi-NCR: One can apply online through following links (please read the terms mentioned in those links carefully).

Apply Death Certificate Online Delhi
Apply Death Certificate Online NOIDA
Apply Death Certificate Online Gurgaon / Gurugram

In-person: Alternatively, another option is to visit in person to the county health department of your state or city’s Department of Health to obtain the DEATH APPLICATION FORM. Before your visit, check the current operating hours of the office by calling.

Step 2: Filling the Death Application Form

One has to duly fill the Death Certificate Application Form in all required sections. This form asks information about the deceased and the applicant, and it is not optional. If you do not or by mistake fail to fill the complete sections, your application is likely to be rejected by the issuing authority of state, you might then require to amend or even make a completely fresh application.

You have to, enter the name of the deceased, his/her date of death, place of death, and your relationship with the deceased. Also, you have to mention your information as an applicant – your name, phone number, mailing address, email address, and the purpose of your request. You must also sign the document under requisite section.

Step 3: Mention optional information

There are specific optional sections in these Death Certificate Application Forms to enter vital record if you want to specify any. This helps office staff locate the record, so it’s highly recommended.

Step 4: Required Documents for Application for Death Certificate

As aforementioned in the stages of application for Death Certificate section the requisite list of documents will vary, also this varies from state to state in India. But Majorly you have to be prepared with the following set of documents in the case of natural death at Home:

  1. Cremation Certificate / Slip of Cremation by the cremation ground management
  2. Doctors certificate for the declaration of death (it announces the cause of death)
  3. Adhar Card of the deceased / Other National Photo ID proofs (Driving License or PassPort)
  4. Adhar Card of the person performing the last rites or his/her any other National Photo ID proofs (Driving License or PassPort)
  5. You might as well require Affidavit on a Rs.10/- Stamp Paper as declaration by the applicant/deponent.
  6. Document to proof the relationship with the deceased – Rashan Card , Family Samagra ID etc.
  7. In case of death at hospital – Death Declaration by hospital mentioning the cause of death or death summary
  8. In cases of unnatural death – Local Police NOC, Post-Mortem report
  9. In case of late applications you will have to procure letter from state magistrate or from the court as applicable

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to inquire about our related services or if you have any query to be addressed regarding Application of Death Certificate. Call now: +91 9773883555

Step 5: Prove eligibility

Proving your eligibility is one of the final steps in the death certificate application. If you fail to include eligibility proof, your application is most likely not to be processed and go on hold or rejected until submission of the same or applying afresh. You will need to submit / send an acceptable valid photo ID, like Adhar Card, Passport or government-issued Driver’s License.
Additionally, you will be expected to submit other proofs, if you’re not an immediate family member. This could be a copy of the will or the court’s authorization, letter from magistrate etc.

Step 6: Submitting the duly filled application

Once you properly know all the pre-requisites for the chosen mode of application, you’re now ready to submit your application which has to be duly filled. You must ensure that you’ve entered all required information currently and fully, as well as fulfilled the payment details. From there, submit your application online (you will have to scan all the requisite documents and upload the same as guided through the official application websites) or submit in person.

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