How Many Cremation Centers Are There in Delhi?

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Funeral Pre-Planning

Delhi and the National Capital Region have several premium cremation grounds for performing the last rites like Nigambodh Ghat. Choose one carefully, discussing it with professional cremation service providers.

Cremation grounds are a place where the family members of the deceased take the body for burning according to the Hindu religious standards. Having lost someone close to the heart, people generally feel lost and struggle to take the next step which is taking the body to the Shamshan Ghat.

However, such is the rule of life and nature that one has to let go of even the ones closest to their heart. While the grief and the loss can hardly be replenished, the last rites need to be done religiously and properly for a peaceful passage of the soul to the next life.

Delhi is the capital of India and has many cremation grounds within the city boundaries and surrounding it. Nigambodh Ghat is one of the finest places for performing the last rites of your loved one.

You can also spend some alone time there to find the peace of mind that your soul vigorously looks for after losing kin. The serene surrounding of Nigambodh Ghat fills one’s heart with positivity, spirituality, and comfort. Here are some more cremation grounds in Delhi and NCR where you can find the best cremation facilities.

Delhi Cremation Grounds

Beri Wala Bagh Shamshan Ghat is one of the most popular cremation grounds in Delhi. Situated on Mahakavi Goswami Tulsidas Marg, this cremation ground has all the facilities you could ask for. From funeral arrangements to the electric pyre, you will find all services here.

Most of the reputed cremation services have this cremation ground on their list. Once you contact the cremation service providers, they can help you book it in no time.

Another cremation ghat that is updated and popular is Dayanand Muktidham cremation ground. Many people call it the Lodhi Road Cremation Ground due to its proximity to the Lodhi Gardens. This one has an excellent location. Reaching this cremation ground is easy at any time.

However, you can also call the cremation service providers for booking this place. These service providers also arrange for transportation to the cremation ground.

Things to Check

Before you select a cremation ground, you should pay heed to some aspects without fail.

  • Check if the cremation ground has both wood pyre and electric pyre facilities or not. Most reputed cremation grounds generally offer both options. The number of electric pyres is also critical. During rush times, the cremation grounds with more electric pyres can perform the rites faster.
  • Check if you can do the last rites and the funeral at the cremation ground or not. The best cremation grounds like Green Park cremation ground offers holistic services that include all rituals and funeral arrangements.

If you are looking for the best alternative for cremation grounds in Delhi, Punjabi Bagh Shamshan Ghat can be your one-stop choice at any time. Choose a cremation ghat close to your place. If you do not get a booking there, contact the cremation service providers. The professionals can help you find the nearest cremation ground without much ado.

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