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Funeral Pre-Planning

With the changing life dynamics and fatal pandemics that we face, most people are understanding the need for registering for cremation or funeral pre-planning services. This is more so as it allows them to save their family members’ time and money, even after they’re gone. If this sounds wise enough, then you might be thinking about preplanning or prepaid cremation.

Preplanned or prepaid cremations allow you to arrange and pay for your own body disposition or for your loved one (to lighten any future financial or otherwise burdens). It can give your family fewer worries in their time of emotional loss and sorrow.
But is cremation pre-planning or prepaid funeral services right for you? Find out what you need to know about prepaid or preplan cremations below:

You Must First Know, What’s Cremation Pre-planning or Funeral Pre-planning?

Pre-planning and pre-paying for your own funeral or cremation or for that matter for your loved one is the process in which you discuss all your thoughts and expectations with the professional services company and with their expertise, meticulously put things on paper for the same that suits your budget and requirements. This is the process by which you don’t miss out on any important aspects of the pre-cremation, at the time of cremation and post-cremation events. It significantly lowers your family’s stress when you pass away or that for your loved one too. However, it must be done appropriately to have deserving outcomes.

Normally, a prepaid cremation means signing a contract with a Cremations Services provider. The contract typically states the kinds and types of cremation or funeral services you’re paying for, also who’s entitled to redeem and to whom these services are to be catered, it also states the payment terms and encloses a complete list of deliverables which you sign for.

You also want to know, how much cremation pre-planning services cost in India.
A prepaid or pre-planned cremation/funeral usually costs about as much as a standard cremation or funeral would. Although, the cost may be lower if the company (service providers) offers discounts for prepayments. If you’re prepaying for your own cremation or planning one for your beloved, it’s worth taking the time to shop around for a good price.

Below are some other factors that can affect the cost of your prepaid cremation:

  • Whether you want a completely traditional style
  • Whether you want a modern quick process
  • Whether you want a simple standard one
  • Whether you want an end-of-life celebration
  • Or lavish one with all rituals and rites of your faith and belief

Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cremation

Pre-planned or prepaid cremations as well as funerals are easy to opt for and satisfying when services are taken with an experienced company. This helps a long way in saving your family’s time and money while they’re grieving the loss of their loved one. And prepaying for cremation does have many benefits. However, prepaid cremation services aren’t right for everyone. In some cases, they can end up creating more stress than they help eliminate. So thus, choosing the correct service provider in your city or country is the key to curbing all those hassles.

Below are some important pros and cons of cremation pre-planning that you must consider.


Financial benefits. Prepaying reduces the overall cost of the cremation process for the services that your family or loved ones may choose as per requirement at the time of demise.

Avoid inflation. Investment benefits are a part of this service offering when you are paying in advance. The cost which will be incurred later for the cremation service is set to rise each year with inflation. When you pay for cremation earlier, and you use those services say after 15 years, then definitely you are saving a good chunk of money.

Discounts. As mentioned, paying in advance for cremation services may or may not save you and your family’s money. This predominantly depends on the cremation or funeral service provider you choose, as well as the type of service you shortlist or want to be performed. Although, you can always negotiate for a better price and offer cremation and funeral pre-planned services by paying in advance.

Paying in instalments. With pre-planned cremation services, you also have another financial benefit of paying over a period of time, phase-wise. The overall cost might be slightly higher obviously, but the upfront financial obligation lessens.

Power of choice. You get the power of end-of-life planning on your own terms and conditions. Additionally, the crucial factor is that you get to decide exactly how and what happens to your body after your leave this world.

Lowering Stress. Nowadays many choose cremation or funeral pre-planning services as besides saving money it immensely reduces stress. If you’ve suffered the loss of any loved one and you were the one to arrange for cremation services, then you exactly know how tedious it is so while you are grieving. You would definitely want to save your loved ones from that unpleasant experience.


Overpricing. When price-shopping for cremations pre-planning you must be diligent. You’ll not automatically get a better price just because you’re paying ahead of time.
Losing the agreement. When you lose the agreement it is the first thing that can go wrong with prepaid funeral or cremation services. Less guarantee of the service provider keeping a copy of your signed agreement and even receipt on hand. Which means they can refuse to deliver the service you already paid for or planned for.

Decline to honour the agreement. The cremation service provider for any number of reasons may decline to honour the agreement. And unfortunately, it becomes a little difficult for your family members to expect a refund of any amount that you paid.

Family miscommunicated. With prepaid cremation usually people commit the common mistake of forgetting to inform family members. Many people find it difficult to broach the subject of pre-planned funeral or cremation arrangements with family, but escaping is no good. Otherwise, eventually, you allow the service provider to breach the agreement and walk off with no liability. Also make sure if possible, that you must try and visit the office of the service provider at least once and ask for the credentials of the establishment of their company too.

Variance in products and services. The service provider may change the products and services if left unmapped in the agreement. Make sure that you do not end up purchasing a package with a service provider that no longer exists, and there might not be a clause included for how to substitute something else.

Services Provider is overbooked. In extreme cases, service providers might simply refuse or not give proper services to honour the agreement if they’re overbooked. This also may occur if the cost of cremation has gone up significantly since you paid, in similar scenarios, they’re likely to serve immediate higher-paying customers first.

Therefore, make sure that you very carefully go through the terms of your agreement.
The provider goes out of business. Ultimately, the service provider could go out of business. It’s unlikely that you or your family will receive any notice or refund when this happens.

Howsoever, when you choose the industry experts and trusted service providers for any such requirements you can rest assured to get quality services with integrity to honour the agreement. For any more details related to cremation or funeral pre-planning services in India please reach out to Noble Sparrows 24×7.

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