Cremation Grounds in Delhi You Need to Know About

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Cremating is the traditional process of burning the body of a deceased person on a pyre. For cremating the deceased family member, you could book one of the given cremation grounds in Delhi.
Death is unpredictable and it could leave a huge impact on the lives of family members. At such difficult times, one could easily get dazed and performing last rites could seem to be a big task. Conducting the final rites of the beloved with grace as well as dignity is crucial.

One of the key tasks includes looking as well as booking the cremation grounds along with arranging the Samagri for Antim Sanskar. For this, you could take the help of cremation service providers. The professionals could help you with the list of the cremation grounds in your area and book the one that is easy to reach and suits your traditions.

The sorrow of losing a family member or a dear one is one of the saddest feelings. After the death of a dear one planning, last rites with respect and dedication is critical. One of the difficult things to do at such heart-wrenching moments is making arrangements for the cremation of the departed dear one.

While juggling with emotional trauma, it could be challenging to make arrangements. This is the time when cremation services come into the light. Nowadays many people take the help of cremation companies for making arrangements for the ceremony. The team of experienced, as well as trained attendants, staff members and priests provide assistance for cremation for all faiths and beliefs with dignity.

Cremation Grounds You Need to Know About

Before you hire the cremation company for arrangements, it is important to pay attention to certain aspects like transportation of the body, embalming, cremation ground, etc. Finalising the cremation ground timely is important. Because you need to inform the near and dear ones so that they could attend the last rites.

You might search for “cremation ground near me” and get a long list. While finalising the one, ensure that the ground is convenient to reach and offers the kind of cremation you want (wood pyre/ electric). If you don’t know much, here is the list of cremation grounds in Delhi.

Nigam Bodh Shamshan Ghat

It is also an old cremation ghat that is located on the Yamuna river’s banks in New Delhi. This ghat has bathing as well as ceremonial facilities for the family of the deceased. According to the religious beliefs, Lord Brahma took bath here during Mahabharat and he recovered the lost memory.

This ground is in a convenient location as well as designed as per local funeral customs. You could conduct the cremation of your dear one in an open-air pyre. The best thing is that it is equipped with electric as well as CNG crematoriums. CNG cremation system ensures pollution-free funerals.

Green Park Cremation Ground

It is one of the acknowledged places for conducting final rites. This place has enough space for performing traditional open-air cremation. It is worth noting that this place is equipped with CNG furnaces also. They provide eco-friendly cremation and the ambience is also calm for a peaceful experience.

For cremation at this place, you require the doctor’s certificate for death confirmation along with the deceased’s photo ID proof. The manager would first verify the details and then proceed further.

Lodhi Road Cremation Ground

One of the oldest grounds for cremation in Delhi is Dayanand Muktidham Cremation Ground and Electric Crematorium. It has a vast space area as well as numerous spaces for cremation. This Shamshan Ghat is known for performing Hindu funeral rites and caters to numerous mourning families empathetically. Moreover, it is easy to reach as well as considered auspicious for the last rites.

Apart from these, Moksh Dham Gurgaon, Dwarka cremation Ground, Ghazipur cremation grounds, etc. offer wood pyre cremation seven days a week. You could choose from these and conduct all the rituals with respect.

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