Cremation: An Educated Decision That Will Give Peace Of Mind

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Cremation is defined as the disposal of a corpse through burning fire. Usually, a funeral pyre is set to transform the body of the deceased into ashes. In many cultures, the ashes of loved ones are kept in metal vessels. These are used for memorial rituals. A cremation ground is needed to do this ritual. From the spiritual perspective, cremation is known to help the spirit of the deceased in the afterlife. This way you can book the cremation ground in advance which will make the ritual quick and easy. One of the major reasons why people choose this as it's cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
As per our Hindu rites, the dead body is to be brought to a Shanshan Ghat, for its Antim Sanskar or the last rites. The bodies of the dead are traditionally cremated over a funeral pyre. Traditional wood pyres were used, but with the advancement of technology and environmental concerns, most all crematoriums have electric or gas furnaces for the purpose.

With more and more people opting for cremation these days, the need and demand for cremation grounds have also risen considerably. Popular cremation grounds like the Lodhi road cremation ground have turned out to be one of the most desired cremation locations. Cremation is an important ritual in Hindu culture. It is believed that creating a body releases the individual’s spiritual essence from his physical state, so that, he or she can take rebirth.

As said, cremation is an important ritual in the Hindu culture, and hence, needs to be done the right way. Not done correctly, the soul of the dead gets trapped and disturbed, not finding its righteous place in the afterlife, and can come back to haunt the living relatives and friends.

At Green Park cremation grounds and all other cremation grounds, fire is chosen to dispose of the dead body, as fire is associated with purity and poses the power to scare demons, spirits, and ghosts. Agni, the fire god, is believed to consume the physical body of the dead and in turn, create an essence in heaven to create the transition of the released soul.

Nigam Bodh Ghat, one of the most sacred cremation grounds in Delhi, has long been associated with sacrifices. It is believed that a soul that gets released from this cremation ground, exits to its proper place in the afterlife.

One of the main reasons for choosing Moksh Dham Gurgaon, for cremation is because cremation here is very cheap. Many costs can be avoided by cremating a dead body here.

There are always those, who see cremating a dead body at Lodhi cremation ground as a way of attaining freedom for the deceased. The body is freed from worldly troubles and the soul returns to nature and in the way, becomes one with the almighty. Cremating the dead here is a way to attain freedom and be one with the air, water, and earth.

There could be many other reasons why you would prefer your loved one to be cremated in one of the best crematoriums near you. If you want to know more about cremation services, type ‘cremation ground near me’ in Google search, and choose the options that best suit you.

The Advantages of Creating a Body in a Cremation Ground Are

  • It is far less expensive than any other mode of disposing of a dead body like burials.
  • The process of cremation is much quicker.
  • Cremation is environmentally greener. With a focus on doing good for the environment these days, cremation is away, where we can necessarily do all the rituals in a traditional matter and keep the environment happy.
  • Requires very little space as compared to large areas of land being utilized by overcrowded crematoriums.

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