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Cremation grounds with CNG furnaces are very much in demand these days. Owing to their low-pollution burning process, CNG furnaces have emerged as an eco-friendly option.

Cremation of the body of the deceased is a critical task. According to Hindu traditions, proper cremation allows the soul to be free. Traditionally, wood pyres were the most popular choice for cremation. Today, we also have electric pyres for this purpose. Popular cremation grounds like Dayanand Muktidham, Antim Ghat, Beriwala Ghat, etc., have both facilities available with them.

Many prefer availing of the CNG crematoriums over the traditional wood pyres. Therefore, several Cremation Grounds in Delhi and NCR have upgraded their crematoriums accordingly. With more people becoming environment-conscious, CNG crematoriums are in demand these days. The followings are some benefits of using CNG crematoriums.

Reduced Pollution

One of the most important aspects related to CNG crematoriums remains the reduction of pollution levels. Cities like Delhi always suffer from poor air quality. When the fumes of the pyres add to the already deteriorating air quality, the situation goes beyond repair.

CNG crematoriums do not give out harmful gases like carbon dioxide or sulphur dioxide. Therefore, CNG crematoriums are always a better choice than traditional wood pyres. If you are looking for a cremation ghat, search for a cremation ground near me with a CNG crematorium.

Moreover, wood pyres use a lot of logs. The supply of these logs comes from fallen trees. Many trees are cut for this reason. With the extent of green cover fast vanishing from the face of the planet, cutting trees has become an alarming task. From global warming to climate change, trees have a role to play in managing all the environmental menaces.

Therefore, CNG cremation reduces both deforestation and pollution. Another concern with wood pyres is that this process is pretty expensive compared to the other alternatives. Therefore, many people prefer CNG cremation over wood pyre.

Less Time-Consuming

Wood pyre cremations took several hours. Depending on the air quality and several other factors, wood pyres take almost two hours to burn a body completely. Sometimes, it can take more than two hours as well. On the flip side, CNG cremation is a faster process. The entire cremation gets over within 30-45 minutes.

Therefore, the cremation grounds can perform the last rites for more people within a day. In times of crisis, when families wait outside the cremation grounds with the bodies of deceased people, time becomes the most critical element. During the time of the COVID surge, Delhiā€™s crematoriums experienced an unprecedented rush. CNG crematoriums are the best solution for times like those.

Even the old cremation grounds like Nigambodh Ghat has CNG cremation facilities. All the premium cremation grounds in Delhi and NCR are adding more CNG furnaces to their cremation facilities. In the future, CNG crematoriums will become the first choice of people seeking cremation services.

Get in touch with the best cremation services near you to book a CNG cremation ground. The entire cremation process will be over within a short time if you choose CNG furnaces. The professionals can help you book any cremation ground of your choice having CNG furnaces.

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