All You Need To Know About Dead Body Preserve Boxes And Transportation

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When someone expires at a distant location from their hometown, maybe due to illness or otherwise, it is often difficult to find the right mode of transporting the dead body. However, if you hire professional dead body transport services, it becomes relatively easier. While death is not easy on anyone, the after-procedures are more difficult. If a dead body must be transported internationally, transport services can do that too. From preserving the dead body in freezer boxes to transporting it to the destination, professionals can do it with utmost diligence and care. Leave this last task to the people who know how to execute it well.

Death comes without knocking on the doors. It is so unexpected that you will often not get the time to bid the last goodbye to the loved one lost. When you stay miles away, the scenario can be heart-breaking – not being able to have a last glance at the deceased and pay homage before they journey towards a heavenly abode. This is where you need a professional dead body freezer box service that will help preserve the body and transport it if required.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dead body freezer boxes and transportation services. Let’s get started.

Why Do I Need a Freezer Box for Dead Body?

Upon the demise of a dear one, family members and friends would want to give a respectful farewell to the departed. They come together, mourn and console each other to get over the pain they are going through with the loss of a dear one. But imagine the distress of a person who lives miles away and could not visit the departed soul to bid the last goodbye and perform the last rituals timely.

In this situation, the mourning family members may consider hiring a freezer box for the dead to preserve it till the time other beloved ones arrive for the last rites. We all know that soon after death, the body starts to decompose. If the rituals are not performed within a given time, the body may further decay and not be considered fit for cremation. To address this problem, it is a good idea to rent a freezer box that helps preserve the body between 0 and 8 degrees Celsius.

These freezer boxes have a unique mechanism to maintain low temperatures inside, preventing the body from decomposing and keeping it fresh for a long. This gives distant family members and friends the time to visit the departed and pay the last tribute with respect and love. A dead body freezer is also crucial to preserve the deceased person’s body for the purpose of burial or autopsies.

How Long a Dead Body Freezer Box can Function Properly?

Typically, a dead body freezer box will maintain the optimal temperatures required to preserve the body in situations involving prolonged funeral ceremonies or transportation. How long it can keep the deceased’s body fresh will vary depending on how long you want to preserve the body. The freezer system can be customised based on your unique needs.

How to Transport a Dead Body from One Location to Another?

In case you require the deceased’s body to be moved from one place to another – locally or internationally, hiring a reliable dead body transport service can be your best bet. Transporting the body outside the city will require arranging a mortuary van or ambulance that is fitted with a freezer box. Expert funeral management companies can also arrange dead body transportation internationally via airways.

Whether transporting within India or to another country, the process is a bit complex and requires professional assistance in various fields as discussed here:

  • Necessary documentation to get approval for moving the body inter-city or between countries. This may include a valid death certificate, photo ID proof, hospital summary and police No Objection Certificate
  • Embalming the body where it is first disinfected and then massaged to relieve stiffness. This is followed by a cavity or arterial embalming and setting the facial features correctly
  • Booking the dead body van with a freezer or air cargo in case of long-distance transportation
  • Handing over the deceased’s body safely into the hands of family members or friends, and assisting in performing the last rites

For high-quality and reliable solutions, make sure you hire a professional company offering customised dead body freezer box service and transportation.

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