Top 5 Cremation Grounds in Delhi NCR

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What are the best places in Delhi NCR for the cremation of Hindu dead bodies? Find a list of the places where you can perform the last rites of the nearest one of your family.

The biggest tragedy of life is the death of a beloved person. In such a scenario, people feel mentally shattered. But, they also need to ensure that their dearest persons get a respectable funeral according to religious customs. Hindus believe that death happens to the body while the soul remains alive forever.

For the peace of the soul, the deceased person’s relatives need to perform all religious rituals with respect and devotion. A pundit should perform all the region’s customs at the crematory ghat. Many cremation grounds are available in Delhi NCR, and thus find a few of them in the following section of this article.

Nigambodh Ghat

The Nigambodh Ghat is one of the oldest Shamshan Ghats in Delhi, and people come to this sacred place to complete the last rites of the deceased ones of their families. The ancient Hindu scriptures mention many holy rivers, and the Yamuna is one of those rivers. Located on the sacred Yamuna River bank, this place has a divine and peaceful aura.

Havan and puja in memory of the deceased soul can be done here to help the soul to attain moksha. For all these religious activities, you need an experienced pundit. Nevertheless, the process involves various rituals, and choosing a cremation assistance service can help you complete all those customs with devotion.

Beri Wala Bagh Shamshan Ghat

Beriwala Bagh Shamshan Ghat is another well-known and sacred crematorium ground for the Hindus in Delhi NCR. The place has good connectivity, and thus people can easily access it. One can book the cremation slots online and reach the site according to the schedule.

The place has efficient staff and pundits for performing all the religious rituals for the peace and moksha of the deceased soul. The family members of the deceased can choose both eclectic and wooden pyres. Additionally, the Beriwala Shmashana ghat also has installed CNG pyres.

Lodhi Road Cremation Ground

Lodhi road cremation ground, also known as Dayanand Muktidham Cremation Ground, offers all the facilities to complete the cremation of deceased persons according to Hindu rituals. The staffs and priests at this crematorium centre serve the families of deceased persons with empathy and courtesy.

People from different parts of Delhi NCR reach this cremation ground, which is one of the biggest cremation centres for Hindus in Delhi. You can book a slot online and hire a professional crematorium service provider to complete all the customs with devotion.

Green Park Cremation Ground

Green park cremation ground is another well-known crematorium centre for Hindus in Delhi NCR. The place offers CNG furnaces that ensure the eco-friendly cremation of dead bodies. People from different parts of Delhi can easily reach the site, as it provides excellent accessibility. The staffs and pundits know their duties well, and thus the family members of the deceased persons will not face any hassles here.

Punjabi Bagh Shamshan Ghat

Punjabi bagh Shamshan Ghat is one of the largest crematorium grounds in Delhi NCR, offering a peaceful and divine aura. People can easily identify the Shmashana ghat by the iconic statue of Lord Shiva at the entrance of this Shmashana ghat.

Noble Sparrows is the place where you can find professional assistance for concluding the crematorium service of deceased persons with respect and dignity.

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