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When you lose a loved one, it feels like you are lost. To find the strength to carry on with the necessary rituals you browse for ‘dead body transport service near me. The Noble Sparrows provide you with dead body transportation to safely shift your loved ones’ bodies to the place where the last rites would take place. With caring professionals at your service, you can be sure that your dear one would be taken care of with smooth transportation in the relevant dead body van.
Your peace and satisfaction lies in completing the funeral, hearsay, and last rites properly. With the Noble Sparrows’ dead body transportation services, you can rest your hearts and let us transport the bosy of your loved one with utmost care.

24x7 Emergency Ambulance Service - Noble Sparrows
24x7 Emergency Ambulance Service - Noble Sparrows


If you are looking for dead body transportation to carry your loved one to the place of rest or cremation ground, you are at the right place. The Noble Sparrows sympathize with your pain and wish to help your last journey of paying respects go smoothly. Through the dead body transport service, you can unload your worries in our team’s capable hands.
Our experience and understanding have enabled us to help you out in the best way possible by provisioning freezer boxes for long distances (outside Delhi) and helpful staff to care on the way. The Noble Sparrows is one of the most trusted dead body transport services to come across.

Dead Body Freezer Box on Hire - Noble Sparrows


Having experienced the traumatic event of death, your first instinct is to call those nearest to the person and assure them that they will get to say their goodbyes. In case the family is not nearby, you can look for a reliable ‘dead body transport service near me’ and ensure that everyone gets the chance to meet the loved one for the final time and pay their respects.
The main issue arises when the body requires to be transported to a long distance outside the city. Since the person’s body after death starts decaying. It is necessary to maintain the environment to keep the dead body safe which is possible with a freezer box.
The noble sparrows, the most caring dead body transport service, provides the freezer box that fits the ambulance or the dead body van precisely leaving no risks of damage to your loved one. The freezer box maintains a temperature between 0 to 8 degrees for body preservation where the air conditioning is utilized for this maintenance.
Our experienced team is well equipped with many necessities that are needed during dead body transportation and has carried out such provisions long-distance previously.

Dead Body Freezer Box on Hire - Noble Sparrows


What is the name of vehicle that carry dead body?

It is called a Hearse. A hearse is a funeral vehicle used to carry a coffin from a church or funeral home to a cemetery. In the funeral trade, hearses are often called funeral coaches.

What are the people that transport dead bodies called?

They are body removal technicians; they transport the deceased from the death scene to the funeral home or mortuary. As a funeral home director, you have additional responsibilities, such as helping the bereaved family deal with paperwork and funeral arrangements.

How do you transport a dead body by road?

Obtain a NOC from the local police authorities. The mortuary will then issue a packing and embalming certificate for the remains of the body. The documents are then submitted to obtain an airway bill to book the cargo and need to be done 4 hours prior to departure.

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