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Your Loved Ones Wait For You To Say Goodbye

It is nothing new to have a sudden occurrence where your dear one might fall in the depth of sleep forever. While this is abrupt, it might not allow your other family members to reach you and pay their respects to the deceased with a last goodbye.

To ensure this does not happen, Noble Sparrows provide a fully-conditioned body freezer box on rent. This ensures that the body of the deceased has a comfortable resting place temporarily for all your relatives to reach them one last time. This dead body freezer box provisions temperature-controlled holding to halt the inevitable decay before the right time is here.

With Noble Sparrow’s dead body freezer box service, you can ensure that your loved one is waiting for you to say your final goodbyes even if you are a world apart. This dead body freezer is convenient as it allows a prolonged wait before last rites.

24x7 Emergency Ambulance Service - Noble Sparrows
24x7 Emergency Ambulance Service - Noble Sparrows

Long Distance Transportation Made Convenient

Noble Sparrow’s freezer box for dead body is designed to fit right into the alignment of the ambulance. This is required if the deceased individual requires to be transported to their home town for proper last rites and goodbye with the family.

While it is known that a body starts decomposition soon after death, the individual can be preserved in the frozen state for some duration when needed to transport to a different location. A dead body freezer box can be of great help in such a case.

The dead body freezer box service in collaboration with the ambulance service can enable quick transportation of the deceased to the right destination for a final goodbye.


What is the dead body box called?

Dead body freezer box which is also commonly called a dead body box, Mortuary box and dead body icebox is a freezer box that is used to preserve the dead body from decomposition for a few hours. The box will have a cabinet to place the human corpse and will have a mechanism to keep the cabinet at a lower temperature.

How does a dead body freezer box work?

It has a mechanism to preserve the body. The dead body freezer slows down the process of decomposition because of the low temperatures. Usually, the range of the temperatures of the dead body freezer box is between 0 to 8-Celsius degrees.

Why do dead people go in freezers?

Generally, the bodies are stored between 36 °F and 39 °F. Most mortuaries offer short term refrigeration. This is usually under fourteen days or just until the body is viewed or observed.

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