Is Lodhi Road Cremation Ground the Best Place to Cremate Your Loved One?

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Even though the Lodhi Road cremation ground is one of the oldest in Delhi, not many people know how to book a slot there. This article further tells you a bit about the cremation ground and the process of booking a slot there.

Finding a good crematory service can be quite a hassle without the right guidance and knowledge. While there are many options in the community, this can further confuse you and deter you from making the right choice.

Fortunately, there are some character traits that you should look for, which can help you differentiate a regular crematory ground from a great one. Recently, the Lodhi cremation ground has been in the news for all the right reasons. If you have not heard about this Shamshan Ghat, this blog is a perfect read. Here you will get to know about all services provided and a little information about the establishment.

A Brief History of the Crematorium Ground

The Dayanand Muktidham Cremation Ground and Electric crematorium, more commonly known as the lodhi road cremation ground, is one of the oldest cremation grounds in Delhi. With a number of spaces available for the cremation services of your loved ones and a big open space, this is undoubtedly one of the best cremation grounds you can find in India, let alone Delhi.

Most well known for performing Hindu funeral rituals or Antim Shankar, the Lodhi road cremation ground caters to hundreds of mourning families, if not thousands. With an easy to reach location as well as top of line services, this auspicious establishment will surely allow you to say goodbye to your loved ones peacefully.

What is the Process of Conducting the Cremation?

The Lodhi road cremation ground is very systematic when it comes to performing the rituals or booking slots. While they allow the bookie to find slots through their official website, it can be quite troublesome for people who are not well off with technology. In such a scenario, the next best thing you can do is give them a call on their telephone number.

Once you are done booking a slot for the deceased, you will have to book transport to transfer the body from the hospital to the Shamshan ghat. During this, you will also have to make arrangements for the antim sanskar samagri, pandit services and wooden logs for the cremation. In case you do not have any outside contact, you can ask the Lodhi road crematory to provide you with such services.

However, you will be charged extra for the same. When you finally reach the destination, you will be guided by their Last journey team, who will update you and help you understand all the rituals. With that done, you will now have to wait for the cremation and then will be given the ashes for immersion.

With this information now, you are better off at booking and performing the last rituals for your beloved ones in Lodhi road cremation services. However, if you still have any queries or confusion, you can always call their helpline for further help. Rest assured, with their trusted service; you have nothing to worry about and get over this stressful day with ease.

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