The Cremation Ground is also known as Shamshana ghat, is a site where our loved one’s bodies are taken to be burned on a pyre. Priests and the chief mourner (probably the elder son) perform the antim sanskar, or final rituals, here. Many religious scriptures even comprise particular guidance on where to put the dead to rest.



Sometimes, these cremation grounds are filled and no sudden bookings are undertaken. This is where our cremation services come into force. While you are grieving, we take care of the rest. Noble Sparrows will provide you with a booking of a cremation ground in Delhi for performing the funeral services for your loved ones to rest in peace.


Cremation is a method where the remains of a deceased person are turned into ashes by exposing them to extreme heat. The cremation procedure is carried out in a specifically designed cremation chamber that contains one deceased person.


In Hindus, this ritual is performed on the pyre of woods and family members (head of the family) take the ashes and perform other prayers. Family members have the task of arrangements i.e to bring pandits, book cremation grounds, bring samagri, clothes among other things.


It becomes a hassle if there are no elders in the family or the deceased body is not in the home. The grieving members become confused which leads to chaos. And to prevent you from going bonkers, we are here to help.


How Can Noble Sparrows Help?


• We at noble sparrows will help you make things a little simpler for you during this difficult moment. These funeral traditions have a considerable deal of strength and can assist the bereaved in attaining stability. They will also assist you in obtaining help and spending some time with your family.

• We want to give you our undivided attention and concern for you. All of our services will be tailored to your preferences. You can believe in us to cater to all your needs for customizing your funeral services according to your family traditions.

• Our funeral services will encourage you to spend some personal time with your family and colleagues while we take care of the rest. Rather than rushing from one place to another, our professionals will come to you to make all the necessary arrangements.

• We help you to get space in the cremation ground in Delhi for burning the pyre or for burning the body via electric cremation etc.


How Can You Book a Slot with Us?


Finding a good slot in an emergency situation is very difficult. Sometimes the options are limited which can further confuse you and make things a little chaotic. Fortunately, we at Noble Sparrows help you in booking a slot in various cremation grounds in Delhi including Lodhi Road cremation ground among others.


If you are not well versed with technology our funeral manager will book your slot via telephone. You can reach us and talk to our funeral manager (9667887555). Once the booking is done, we will help you transfer the body through our ambulance service from the hospital or your native place.


We will take care of everything, including accompanying you to a Ganga ghat to immerse your loved one’s ashes (AsthiVisarjan) and perform the Pind Daan. We will help you guide thoroughly and our team will remain with you until all the rituals are done. Rest assured, you don’t need to worry about a thing with Noble Sparrows.

List of Cremation Grounds in Delhi:

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