Cremation Ground in Delhi Cantt

The cremation ground is the place where the last rites of the departed are performed. The dead body is burned in the pyre. These final rites are important to every Indian and are performed by priests according to Hindu traditions. While beliefs and ancient texts tell us how all rituals should be performed. We will make sure to follow each of them.

Nowadays, people have so many options to choose cremation grounds in Delhi according to their budget. The funeral pyre is made of wood, CNG and electric cremation is also accessible nowadays. Due to the pandemic and rising pollution in the National capital, the demand for electric cremation has increased.

Burning of pyre may cause infections or airborne diseases and ensure the safety of your loved ones. We make you get the cremation ground in Delhi which has all the arrangements. We at Nobel sparrows, make sure you get the booking done at the right time.

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Our cremation ground in Cantt services will let you grief in peace and watch the final journey of your precious ones. We are here in your sad times and understand every tradition and ritual regardless of beliefs. We will make sure all things are under the supervision of our funeral managers. And to accommodate your budget, we have all different packages. This is to ensure you are not left behind alone in these tough times.

Process of conducting Cremation at Cremation Ground in Delhi Cantt:

1. First, you can book a slot with us via phone call.
2. You can also book services for ambulances, freezer boxes, to provide you with samagri, logs, or anything else.
3. Our funeral manager will reach your place as soon as possible.
4. After the cremation, our team will give you ashes for immersion.

Funeral services by Noble Sparrows:

From the hospital turmoil to booking an ambulance to the cremation and prayer meeting, we’ll take care of everything. Our funeral team can assist you with anything that makes you a little less stressed. We’ll work with the cremation ground in Delhi team to coordinate everything, including a funeral van in Delhi NCR, a mortuary van, a freezer box, a Pandit, samagri, Ashes, prayer meeting, and other important rites.

● Wood logs would be provided by us if you choose a traditional pyre.
● Get emergency cremation services delivered right to your door, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
● You can rent a freezer box.
● We will provide you with the priest or pandit to help you smoothly perform all the rites.
● All rites and traditions will be observed by the priest (panditji).
● Electric cremation and wood pyre cremation are both available as per your request.
● Our team will help you with the floral arrangements both at the prayer hall as well as on the cremation ground.
● Noble Sparrows will help you transfer the deceased body to your native or any holy place.
● Our funeral team also helps you place obituaries in national and local newspapers.

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Address: Pankha Road, Old Nangal, Block WZ, Nangal Raya, Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi, Delhi


Timing : Monday – Sunday : 7 AM – 6 PM


Services By the Noble Sparrows:

  • Wood Pyre and Electric Cremation Available.
  • Clean & comfortable mortuary van.
  • Emergency cremation service at your doorstep – get 24×7 support.
  • We provide a dead body freezer box on hire.
  • Embalming and bathing the body, and arranging dignified visitations.
  • The priest (panditji) will ensure adherence to all rituals and traditions.
  • Floral arrangements.
  • Out of delhi ncr transportation.
  • Placing obituaries in national and local newspapers.

We arrange cremations for all beliefs and faiths with dignity. Our team consists of trained and experienced staff members, attendants, priests, funeral directors and helpers who leave no stone unturned to assist you through these difficult times.

Our cremation services are performed adhering to COVID protocols.


Help and Support :

  • Assistance in obtaining Death Certificate.
  • A Funeral Manager for Supervision.
  • Trained Staff  for Constant Help and Support.


Requirements :

Photo ID of the deceased for verification purpose.

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