One of the greatest challenges we have in life is the loss of a pet and the grief that will follow. Grief is often overlooked, marginalized in our society and misunderstood by those who have not known the love an animal brings.

They are not just ‘pets’- they are members of our family. They help us to enjoy the simplicity of life. Yet inevitably, the time comes to say goodbye. Losing a pet with whom we have shared so much is hard. It can be difficult to navigate why and how this is happening. We at the Noble Sparrows come together, providing you ethical, spiritual, and emotional peace of mind.


Your pet will be privately cremated, by themselves. We will arrange for transport services from your house to the cremation center/burial ground.
We respect your emotions and therefore provide you with options of burial funeral service as well as cremation funeral service.
We can get the ashes immersed in a river or have a plant grow on it. You can also decide to take the ashes with you. All the options for pet cremation services have their essence and meaning, and we will make sure to first discuss them with you.

Noble Sparrows Pet funeral team is experienced and knowledgeable and will provide anything that you may require.
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Can you have your pet cremated after its death?

Yes. You can have your pet cremated after its death. There are services that offer this. They typically guide you through your choices. If not, you’ll need to navigate through this on your own.

These are the choices you will be offered:

1. Bury the remains within a private property.
2. Bury the remains at a pet cemetery.
3. Cremate the remains in a communal chamber and ask the crematory to dispose of the ashes.
4. Cremate the remains in a private chamber and keep the ashes at home.

If you are looking for the last rites of your pet, please call us at   9667887555 .

Are there pet cremation services in Bangalore?

A pet funeral service can be a new thing for most people. One may have a lot of questions and doubts in their mind. But worry not as Noble Sparrows team is well experienced and will provide you with all the guidance and knowledge you need. We will make sure that you can explore all the options available for animal cremation and remembrance so that you can bid a memorable goodbye!

If you are looking for the last rites of your pet, please call us at 9667887555 .

Can I have pet’s remains with me after the cremation?

You have the option of taking your pet’s remains with you after the cremation. Many people keep the remains as a reminder of how they met their pet. Others choose to immerse them.

If you are looking for the last rites of your pet, please call us at 9667887555 .

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